About Us


Honour Martial Arts Academy is a full-contact gym located in Morayfield, North Brisbane. We have been operating for over 11 years, offering a mixture of Martial Arts including Freestyle Karate, Muay Thai, Boxing, Kickboxing, and MMA.

We have a team of passionate instructors with expertise in Real Self Defence, Competitive Fighting, and High-Level Fitness. Our gym caters to students of all levels; from kids to adults and beginners to professional athletes. We are extremely proud to have trained and mentored some of Queensland’s and Australia’s titleholders in Muay Thai.

Both our Muay Thai and Toshi Kai Karate programs have full grading systems for kids and adults. This gives our students the opportunity to progress through the ranks. We hold grading days at least 2 per year.

Whether you want to learn basic martial arts, train for a competition, or simply just want to get in shape, Honour Martial Arts Academy can help you achieve your goals in a family-friendly environment.

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Martial Arts training was designed to give you the skills and abilities to protect yourself and hold your own in battles whether that be in a combat situation, the street or a professional competition. To obtain these skills and abilities you need to have experienced the real thing over and over again so you develop natural reactions and resilience.

Other than our Fitness classes, all our Martial Arts styles are taught and practiced with full contact. Protective equipment is used, and the safety of our students is our number one priority, however all our students strike, grapple and throw with reasonable force based on their ability and experience.

This style of training has been the foundation for all our champions.

Registered Associations

Honour Martial Arts Academy is a proud member of Muaythai Australia

Honour Martial Arts Academy is a proud member of Boxing QLD